Release Status

Release Date


23 November 2020


14-16 December 2020

Embedded Help in FT CRM

Get help when you need it most - We’ve embedded our resources and training material to give you easy access to help and support as you work.

Select the tooltip inside FT CM to open up the relevant material displayed alongside you whilst you work.

Lifecycle Improvements

Modify, pause or stop a live Lifecycle

Have more control when you edit an active lifecycle. Choose to modify entry conditions, PAUSE the lifecycle to stop new players from entering, or to STOP the Lifecycle and stop new players from entering and stop all communication. Read more .

All Lifecycle events available when building

Events from all Lifecycle Templates are available in the Toolkit from inside a Lifecycle Version. Allowing you to easily add any during or exit events available from other templates. Read more .

Categorise your Lifecycles

Move lifecycles freely between categories by dragging and dropping them in the lifecycle projects view. Read more .

Clone and import Lifecycle versions

Clone and import an existing Lifecycle Version into your current Lifecycle. .

Versions from different Lifecycle templates in one project

We've added support for versions of different Lifecycle Templates to exist in a single project.

Preview Lifecycle entry conditions

In Define Activities, it is now possible to preview the lifecycle event Trigger and Segment.

Clone a Lifecycle Project

Clone an entire Lifecycle Project, not just a version!

Track how many times an event has triggered

The total number of times an event has triggered from inside an active Lifecycle is now visible when viewing the Lifecycle Version.

UI changes to the builder

UI changes to the Create new Lifecycle builder.

Projects Improvements

New workflow

We've designed a new workflow revolved around Projects. Build all your campaigns in Activity Projects or Lifecycle Projects. .

Easily see what project your activity belongs to

From the All Activities overview, you can now see which Project an Activity is linked to, as well as being able to navigate to the corresponding Project.

Other Improvements

Redesign of the CRM menu

The CRM Menu has been redesigned to highlight the way we work. All our work now falls into Projects; Activity Projects or Lifecycle Projects.

Improved QA sign-off message

We have improved the QA sign-off message to be clearer to the user when choosing to sign-off and activate an Activity from QA.

Player Search is more advanced

When searching for a Player Profile you can now use any of the following information; Email Address (full email), User ID & External User ID.

Read-only role updates

Lifecycles are visible and accessible from the CRM menu and Lifecycle Projects can be viewed but not edited.

Live non-QA'd activities are marked out in the Activity Dashboard

Activities that are in production but have not been QA'd are now displayed in green on the Activity Dashboard agenda. You can also find a❗next to the activity name to let you know that the activity was not QA'd.

Bug Fixes

  • First successful deposit removed as an exit condition for custom lifecycle template

  • Importing an action group into an activity and adding a new translation works as it should

  • The player user name is displayed correctly in Player Profile

  • Compatibility improvements for Safari


Some cosmetic updates and minor fixes have also been included.