Integration Summary

On this page, you will find basic information on how to integrate Fast Track. We have also added links to relevant pages where you can learn how to enhance your integration with various events and channels.

🗝 FT CRM Connects via Real-Time Data Feed

Watch the video for a quick run-through of how your system will integrate with FT CRM;

FT Integration explained

The FT CRM system runs entirely off a real-time data feed. When Registrations and Logins happen in your system, these events need to be published to the integration platform so that you can trigger activities and actions in real-time together with keeping the relevant segmentation model up to date. The real-time messages are slim and only contain the bare minimum information required, FT CRM will do lookups on endpoints provided by the Operator to fetch relevant data about the user.
Overview of FT Real-Time Data Integration
Overview of FT Real-Time Data Integration

🔁 Integration Steps

Basic integration will give sufficient start for most Operators to go live. This includes the ability to trigger activities in real-time and build initial player life cycles based on deposit patterns and behaviours.
Authentication and Headers
The API endpoint provided by the Operator must be protected with authentication. We support X-Api-Key header, OAuth (client_credentials), and basic authentication.
Provide GetUserDetails Endpoint
API endpoint to retrieve user details from Operator to keep FT CRM database up to date.
Provide GetConsents Endpoint
API endpoint to retrieve marketing communication preferences from Operator to keep FT CRM database up to date.
Provide GetBlocks Endpoint
API endpoint to retrieve user blocks and exclusions from Operator to keep FT CRM database up to date.
Publish Registrations
Publish message in real-time when there is a new registration
Publish Logins
Publish message in real-time when there is a login
Publish Payments
Publish message on deposits and withdrawals

🔚 Endpoints Needed From Operator

To support the basic integration, Operators should send certain endpoints to FT CRM. You can find more information about these below.
We go through all the relevant endpoints and how to send them in the section Operator API:
The relevant endpoints for Operator API consist of the following:
  1. Consents

✔️ Reconciliation

In order to ensure there are no data discrepancies between your platform and FT CRM, we need you to build a reconciliation endpoint in the operator API. You can find the endpoints we need from the operator here:

⏱ Real-Time Events

Any real-time event should ideally be published to FT CRM Integration API within 1 second of the event taking place in the platform. Failure to comply with this can cause poor customer experience.
Some real-time events are necessary for the Operator to send to be able to use vital functionality in FAST TRACK CRM. Others are optional, but always desirable where possible, as these further enhance the Operator's integration of FT CRM.
If the API is not responding with 200 (OK), you will need to ensure that the event is retried until a successful response. This is to make sure that the event is not lost.
IMPORTANT: If you intend on sending us more than 100-200 messages per second, we highly recommend using either Rabbit or Kafka instead of REST API.
Read more about which real-time events you can include and how to send them:

Real-Time Events You Need To Send

The below events must be sent on the FT CRM Integration API:
  1. Login
  2. Consents
  3. Payments

Real-Time Events for Extended Integration

The optional real-time events are covered in more detail here:
  1. Balance
  2. Casino

☎︎ Channels

Fast Track allows Operators to manage various engagement channels directly from one platform. You can find the currently integrated channels and how to enable them here: