Steps to set up Sendgrid

  1. Set up Account - The Operator sets up an account on Sendgrid, one for Staging & one for Production.
    To set up the account visit:
  2. Credentials or API Key - The Operator provides Fast Track with account credentials or API key.
  3. Sender Name & Sender Address - The Operator provides Fast Track with a Sender Name & Sender Address.
  4. Webhook URL - Fast Track provides a webhook URL to setup reporting in Sendgrid once integration environments are live. - The Operator can also set it up as instructed on the screenshot at the bottom of this page.
  5. Sender & Domain Authentication - The Operator sets up Sender & Domain authentication* inside Sendgrid account (for Production account only) - Please find full instructions on how to set it up here.

Setting up Webhook URL

Webhook URL is setup inside Sendgrid from Mail Settings -> Event Webhook -> Add URL in HTTP Post URL with the below settings: