Unify all your systems
Streamline your workflow and drive a superior omni-channel experience.
Easily analyse data across all platforms
A platform designed for iGaming operations offering consolidated reporting.
Efficiently identify and respond to player patterns
Respond to anomalous player patterns rapidly
Integrate comprehensive omni-loyalty
Collaborate with your chosen partners, reduce processing time by up to 60%
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Centralised platform

Maximize Efficiency

Fast Track provides a centralised platform for managing multi-channel engagements, eliminating the need to juggle different platforms and manually update player lists. This is particularly important when dealing with multiple markets and languages, as our platform simplifies and accelerates campaign creation.

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Efficient Communication

Localisation at Your Fingertips

Fast Track significantly streamlines the process of creating multilingual, multi-channel campaigns. All languages are organised within a single campaign for easy navigation and reporting. Tap into AI-powered localisation support to translate any content within seconds.

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Split your segments

Seamless A/B Testing

Fast Track makes it easy to test the effectiveness of one channel or offer against another. With A/B testing built into the workflow, you can randomly split your segments between different communications and add control groups with the click of a button.

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Unified real-time dashboards

Consolidated Reporting for Optimal Insights

Fast Track's unified dashboards present results from all your channels in a single view, enabling comprehensive analysis of campaign performance. This gives you a better understanding of how each channel is performing and the overall success of your campaign.

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Seamless Integration Options

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Achieve smooth and efficient operations across your entire iGaming business by extending your CRM capabilities with our wide range of integrations.

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