Multi-Channel engagement

Manage all your engagement channels from one place for a more streamlined workflow.

One platform to rule them all!

  • Manage all of your player engagement from one place

  • Work with the partners of your choice

  • Reduce execution time by 60%

  • A workflow built for iGaming operations

  • Consolidated reporting

One Central System

Juggling different platforms and manually updating player lists to create multi-channel engagements is time-consuming and inefficient. Add multiple markets and/or languages to the mix and it can take hours to create a single campaign.

We’ve been in the same position as many operators. Our execution team was losing time moving between multiple systems to create even basic campaigns, and trying to analyse the results was another challenge in itself.

If you want to create effective multi-channel engagements without wasting resources, you need to work from one central system.

Multi-channel made easy

The Fast Track platform integrates all of your channels, including internal tools like your bonus platform. Combining this with real-time data enables you to manage all of your engagements, automate activities and see consolidated reporting, in one place.

Our partners see a reduction of up to 60% in the time it takes to build multi-channel campaigns.

A Single Platform for all engagements

Fast Track acts as an enabler and provides access to all the engagement tools you want. We have Alliances (existing partnerships) with a variety of 3rd party systems and tools, and are always adding new ones.

You can also integrate your internal tools, like your bonus platform or loyalty system, so that you don’t need to navigate between different back offices when creating campaigns.

Faster localisation and personalisation.

We’ve significantly reduced the time and clicks it takes to create multi-lingual, multi-channel campaigns. All languages are organised within a single campaign for easy navigation and reporting.

You can also quickly add personalisations to any communications. Simply choose from your segmentation attributes: name, current balance, loyalty level etc.

Effortless A/B testing.

We’ve made it effortless to test the effectiveness of one channel or offer compared to another.

A/B testing is built into the workflow so you can randomly split your segments between different communications, and add control groups in a single click.

Consolidated Reporting

One of the obstacles to effective multi-channel engagement is getting an effective overview of how your previous campaigns performed.

Fast Track displays the results from all your channels in a single dashboard so you can see how each one performed and how successful your campaign was overall.

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