Customer Support Teams

Fast Track gives customer support teams direct access to accurate information so that they can resolve campaign queries with ease.

First-time resolutions are easy when you have the right tools.

  • Verify what a player has received and when

  • See communications from the player's point of view

  • Achieve faster resolution times

  • Work from your existing customer support solution

How Fast Track helps customer support teams achieve more first time resolutions

Player Timeline Gives you the whole story

Investigating what players have received and when can be frustrating. Reviewing campaign plans, cross-referencing these with segmentation lists and maintaining the quality of your contact is a real challenge.

Fast Track provides you with a single timeline view of everything a player has received. Simple.

Visual previews take the guesswork out of what players received

Knowing a player received an email on a specific date is great, but if a player asks you about the content of an offer, you really need to know the details.

Fast Track’s player timeline view increases first contact resolutions by providing visual previews of exactly what the individual player was sent, making it easier to answer questions or resolve any issues.

Manage everything in one place by integrating with your CS solution

Logging into multiple back offices while trying to provide exceptional customer service can be a bit of a juggling act. To ensure that Fast Track doesn’t add to the load, we’ve made the player timeline available to be embedded in your support tools, so that you can investigate without having to open another tab.

Empowering entire organisations

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Customer Support Teams

Improve service and first contact resolution

Fast Track gives customer support teams direct access to accurate information so that they can resolve campaign queries with ease.

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