Celebrate big wins
Make your players feel special by congratulating them on their big wins. Celebrating their good fortune with them shows that you're invested in their success and creates a positive relationship.
Mystery rewards
Engage your players during their less fortunate moments with a mystery reward when their balance falls below a certain threshold. This encourages them to continue playing and leaves them with a more positive experience.
Timely jackpot notifications
Notify your players when the Red Tiger Jackpot is hot and about to drop. Giving them the heads up allows them to get in on the action and enhances their gaming experience.
Live data feed for real-time player engagement
A rich, live data feed for real-time engagement that makes all the difference
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Meaningful player engagement

Unlocking Real-Time Engagement Opportunities

Real-time data provides you with countless opportunities for meaningful player engagement. From sending notifications and rewards to initiating proactive contacts, Fast Track's On-Site Engagement helps increase player retention and lifetime value.

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