Personalised dashboards for unique data visualisation
Create custom dashboards that make complex data digestible
Easy-to-navigate Explore Page for data analysis
Access real-time information consolidated from all your systems tailored to your preferences
Query Editor for advanced data collection
Take a deeper dive to retrieve the exact data you’re after
Suite of pre-built
Manage all aspect of your operations with confidence and ease
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DIY dashboards, dashing results

Custom dashboards for personalised data monitoring

Design your own data visualisation based on your personal needs. Our dashboards consolidate real-time data from all your systems, removing your dependency on other stakeholders to grant you data access. Easily navigate between big-picture overview and granular number-crunching, or explore our pre-built system dashboards for accessible, comprehensive reporting on the fly.

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Delve into data with the Explore Page

Our Explore Page allows for simple yet comprehensive data search and analysis when a dashboard isn't required. Rely on measures, dimensions and chart types to view data at your preferred level of granularity.

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Take a Deep Dive

The Query Editor - Your Advanced Data Explorer

Want to dive deeper? The Query Editor offers a more technical, flexible way to collect data. Write your own ClickHouse compatible SQL to run against your database and retrieve the data you need.

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More Integration options

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Ensure seamless and efficient operations across your entire iGaming business by extending your CRM capabilities with a wide range of integrations.

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Helping you get started

Fast Track's Pre-Built Dashboards

Our platform offers an extensive selection of ready-made dashboards designed to monitor and manage all aspects of your iGaming operations. These dashboards are effective straight out of the box, and also serve as inspiration when creating your personalised or brand dashboards.

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