Projects and Activities
Use Projects to manage your activities and delegate tasks to your team. The Activity Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your scheduled commitments, making it easier to manage your upcoming campaigns and prioritise tasks.
Fast Localisation
Adding translations or ensuring market compliance is a breeze with Fast Track. Simply click 'add translation' to any task and manage all variations within a single activity. This dramatically reduces the time spent duplicating campaigns across different markets and languages.
Easy Duplication
Want to run a campaign similar to a previous one? Use the 'clone' function to duplicate any previous campaign and make any necessary adjustments. This makes creating new campaigns a quick and easy process.
Real-Time Segmentation
Manually updating segmentation for daily or weekly engagements can be a daunting task, especially across multiple platforms. With Fast Track's real-time data, you can build a segment once and never worry about updating it again. This makes it easy to automate entire lifecycles and recurring campaigns.
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Planned engagements

Create monthly plans with ease

Fast Track makes the execution of planned engagements more efficient by providing you with a workflow that simplifies the creation, management and tracking of your campaigns.

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