Scheduled Engagements

Build and maintain monthly plans with ease.

Organised and efficient scheduling

  • Organise your campaigns with projects

  • Add all channels and translations in one place

  • Easily duplicate previous campaigns and save time

  • Automate with real-time segmentation

A more efficient workflow

Running scheduled campaigns is part of a successful engagement strategy. Whether you run Friday cashbacks for your VIPs or wish players a Happy New Year, the execution process should be simple and efficient.

We know that for many teams, running regular campaigns can be a long, manual process. You need to work across multiple back offices and if there is more than one language or market to consider, it only adds to the load.

Once all the elements for the campaign are created, it is challenging to coordinate between different platforms to make sure it runs smoothly.

Fast Track makes running your scheduled campaigns quicker and easier. The workflow is built to minimise the number of clicks needs to create complex engagements, and to allow you to manage all channels and languages from one place.

How we make building monthly plans easier

Here are some of the ways we make running scheduled engagements more efficient:

Projects and the Activity Dashboard

Use Projects to organise all of your activities and split the workload amongst your team. You can get a full overview of your projects and scheduled engagements from the Activity Dashboard. The calendar view gives you an easy way to check what you have coming up, and the activity list means you always know what needs your attention next.

Fast Localisation

Adding translations or ensuring that an offer is compliant with each market’s licensing is a big task.

Fast Track offers an alternative to the hours spent recreating campaigns across different markets and languages. Click the ‘add translation’ button on any of your engagements and add the relevant content. All variations are managed within a single activity - and you can view a single performance report with a breakdown per country.

Easy Duplication

Sometimes you want to run a campaign that is very similar to a previous one. The duplication function allows you to select any previous campaign that is similar to what you want to run, click ‘clone’ and create a copy. You can then make the relevant adjustments and your engagement is ready in a flash!

Real-time Segmentation

Running daily or weekly engagements is a lot of work if you have to manually update your segmentation, especially if you are working with multiple platforms.

Fast Track works with real-time data; you can build a segment once and never have to update it again. This allows you to automate entire lifecycles and any recurring campaigns.

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