Management Alerts

Raise internal alerts at important moments.

Stay informed with real-time alerts

  • Get a head-start on internal processes

  • Proactively engage players with potential gambling problems

  • Deliver exceptional service

  • Identify issues early

Stay in touch with the player experience

It’s not easy to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening on your site every minute of the day. It’s virtually impossible to keep track of every individual player’s experience.

Running daily reports on player activity may give you some insight and help you take relevant actions. However, delayed data means delayed action and less effective engagements.

Waiting even 5 minutes to respond to a negative experience can result in losing a previously engaged player.

You need to know what has happened before they tell you or simply leave your site.

Fast Track enables you to set up real-time alerts about the events and behaviours you care about.

Explore Management Alerts

Here are some of the ways setting up internal alerts can support your business goals and create better player engagement:

Big Win

Get a head start on internal processes

Take immediate action and impress your players by notifying the relevant teams when a player has a big win or hits a jackpot.

Responsible Gaming

Keep your players safe

Use player health scoring to ensure your players are enjoying your site safely and sustainably.

VIP Service

Enhance the player experience

Keep VIP managers in the loop and enable them to deliver exceptional service.

Deposits / Withdrawals

Offer proactive support

Notifying internal teams whenever a player encounters an issue means you can contact them and resolve it without them needing to reach out to support.

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