Lifecycle Automation

Automate your onboarding, retention and reactivation activity for greater efficiency.

Target the player at the right moment, with a relevant offer, via the most receptive channel

  • Automate your lifecycle activities

  • Reduce the manual workload for your operational team

  • Stay relevant with real-time data

  • Easily create complex, multi-channel engagements

  • Use machine learning to power your engagements

Automated Lifecycle Management

From converting new registrations to reactivating churned players, your player lifecycle management forms the foundation of all your engagement activities. It’s important to get it right.

The biggest challenge in creating engagements for different stages of the lifecycle is usually the manual work involved.

You need to build all the different variations and keep them updated. Then you need to make sure you are targeting the right players, which usually involves retrieving reports and uploading lists across multiple platforms.

It is incredibly time-consuming and can be frustrating when there are other initiatives you would like to get off the ground.

We’ve been in the same position and it’s part of the reason we created the Fast Track platform: we knew there had to be a more efficient way of working.

We’ve built the platform to make it as easy as possible to automate the majority of your activity.

Fast Track enables you to target the player at the right moment, with a relevant offer, via the most receptive channel.

Explore Lifecycle Automation

The unique combination of a rich real-time data feed and working in one central system makes automation simple. Here are some examples of how you can automate your lifecycle activities:

Player Onboarding

Convert newly registered players to first-time depositors

Automate lifecycle activities using the visual lifecycle builder and let FT CRM onboard, convert, retain and reactivate your players for you.


Use predictive modeling to engage in the right moments

Use our predictive models to automate engagements in the right moments of a player’s lifecycle and improve your retention and average player lifetime value.


Reactivate players with relevant offers.

Bring players back to your site with the right offers, via the right channel, at the right time. Our powerful machine learning models will keep your communication relevant.


Celebrate birthdays and player anniversaries

Add the personal touch by celebrating special days with your players. Send them well wishes or add a surprise gift to their account.

Making automation a breeze

Fast Track is built with efficient lifecycle management at the centre. Here’s some of the ways we help you automate your activities and reduce the manual workload:

Real-time segmentation

With Fast Track you build segments using our powerful rules engine. Combine your attributes, all of which are updated in real-time, and the platform will take care of always making sure the right players are targeted.

Working with real-time segmentation means you are always up to date and can automate your entire lifecycle.

Visual lifecycle builder

Our Visual Lifecycle Builder simplifies the creation of complex multi-channel onboarding, retention and reactivation activities.

You can easily create different versions of your engagements based on anything from player value to product preference, and ensure that each player is receiving communications relevant to their individual interests.

Fast Track Machine Learning

Our machine learning models can help you engage with your players in a more relevant and purposeful way. From early VIP prediction to player protection, machine learning allows you to automate the relevant actions in the right moments and take your player engagement to the next level.

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