Lifecycle Automation

We've made automating your player engagement easy. Watch the video and see how you can automate your CRM lifecycles.

Automation can be complicated, but we have made it easy

  • Work in a visual editor

  • Treat players as individuals

  • Automate engagement across every life stage

  • Use versions to easily upgrade your engagements

  • Take advantage of templates, right out of the box

Packed with great automation templates, straight out of the box!

We understand that building lifecycles can be daunting. We provide templates to help you structure your engagements and give you an idea of what can be achieved across every life stage.


Guide newly registered players to their first deposit.

A fresh take on a traditional onboarding flow makes it easier to add variations, test and improve.


Celebrate your players' birthdays.

Let players know you are thinking of them by sending communications in the run up to their special day and crediting a mystery reward to celebrate!

Multi-Step Reactivation Offer

Bring back players who had bad luck recently.

Target players who lost money over the last 2 days with specific cashback offers to bring them back on site.

Weekly Cashback

Eliminate manual cashback crediting.

Automate your weekly cashbacks and save hours on calculating and crediting the right amounts to the right players.

Predictive Churn Prevention

Use machine learning to retain your players.

Automatically engage players as soon as they become less likely to return to your site. You can create a flow of different engagements that stop only when the player deposits again.

DC1 to Dc2

Automate the upsell from first to second deposit.

Create a seamless flow in the critical early stages of a player's journey with you and move them to their second deposit.

Multi-Channel Retargeting

Retarget players who don’t take action on your offer.

You already know that even in small segments not all players are exactly the same. Automatically retarget players who don't respond to your initial offers with a different channel, communication style or reward.

Failed Deposit Intervention

Assist players who have trouble depositing.

Automate on-site messaging to guide your players to support when their deposit fails, or provide additional information, so they know you are there to help.


Reactivate players with relevant offers.

Target players with less than a 10% probability of returning to your site with a relevant offer to bring them back.

Low Balance Intervention

Engage players the moment their balance falls low.

Turn a negative experience into a positive one and credit a mystery reward on next deposit or some 'good luck' free spins to players whose balance falls below a certain threshold.

Consecutive Logins

Show your players you appreciate their loyalty.

Reward players who log in on consecutive days for a week. Credit loyalty points, virtual currency or bonuses for daily logins.

DC2 to DC3

Move players from second to third deposit smoothly.

Encourage loyalty with relevant offers and communications that make your players want to deposit a third time.

In Game Win Achievements

Engage players while they are on your site.

Celebrate the wins or intervene when the player hasn't had great luck. Credit mystery rewards, virtual currency or specific achievements to keep them engaged.

Provider Boost (in-play)

Push players to a specific provider for a set period.

Keep pre-defined provider boost lifecycles set up for the moments when you are net negative with a provider. Push players to their games to shift the balance.

Consecutive Deposits

Reward your most active players.

Show your appreciation for players who deposit every day for a week with scaling rewards.

Custom Lifecycle

Get creative with a Custom Lifecycle!

Whilst our templates are pretty comprehensive, we encourage you to be creative and explore new possibilities with your player engagement.

Making Automation a Breeze

Fast Track is built with efficient lifecycle management at its centre. We have created Lifecycles to enable operators to efficiently build, test and evolve their CRM campaigns.

Visual lifecycle builder

Fast Track Lifecycles simplifies the creation of multi-channel onboarding, retention and reactivation activities for iGaming operators.

You can easily personalise engagements based on anything from player value to product preference, and ensure that each player is receiving communications relevant to them.

Easy Versioning

It's easy to manage variations of the same flow with Lifecycles. Run multiple versions simultaneously, or against a control group, to compare performance.

You don't have to worry about breaking your flows when you make updates either. You can simply clone and edit your live version, then switch to the new one in a couple of clicks!

Real-time Segmentation

Build segments using our powerful rules engine. Combine your attributes, all of which are updated in real-time, and the platform will take make sure the right players are targeted.

Working with real-time segmentation means you are always up to date and can automate every lifecycle stage within your CRM strategy.

Automated Lifecycle Management

From converting new registrations to reactivating churned players, your player lifecycle management forms the foundation of all your engagement activities. It’s important to get it right.

The biggest challenge in creating engagements for different stages of the lifecycle is usually the manual work involved.

Traditionally, operators have tried to manage this through "journey builders". However, we fundamentally believe this is not the right way to approach player engagement. 

You can find yourself spending weeks planning and building just your player onboarding flow. Once this small piece of the puzzle is complete it can be difficult to know how to apply the same process to the rest of your CRM strategy and making any updates is a daunting task.

We’ve been in the same position and it’s part of the reason we created Fast Track Lifecycles: a visual editor that allows you to easily orchestrate CRM activities that have a shared goal.

We eliminate the operational burden of building and maintaining lifecycles to allow operators to test and evolve their engagement strategies more easily.

Lifecycles enables you to engage the player at the right moment; without events having a direct dependency on each other or needing to occur in a given order.

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