Multi-channel orchestrated approaches
Email, SMS, push notifications, on-site notifications, bonus engines, and gamification
Lifecycle Templates
Get started in minutes with Lifecycle Templates that help you structure your engagements
Efficient Lifecycle Management
Transform traditional Customer Journey Builders into a flexible player behaviour analysis tool
Integrations that matter to you
Explore our extensive library of integrations and choose the ones that matter to you
Automate my CRM
Helping you get started

Great automation templates, right out of the box!

We understand that building lifecycles can be daunting. We provide templates to help you structure your engagements and give you an idea of what can be achieved at each stage of the lifecycle.

Seamless and Efficient

Scalable Automation

Discover how our visual editor and pre-built templates make automation a breeze! Streamline onboarding, retention, up-selling, churn prevention, and reactivation with automated workflows to create personalised engagements that treat players as individuals throughout their journey with your brand.


Smart Segments

Never upload a list again!

Dynamically personalize content based on various player variables.

Free up time and resources for your team
Use budgets on channels that are most likely to convert
Personalization tailored to each and every player
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Advanced Analytics

The Data Studio

Real-time data mining unlocks your ability to effortlessly measure success through Fast Track Data studio, the most powerful analytics platform in the iGaming industry.

Fast-loading, customisable dashboards
Rapid insight into growth and long-term trends
Unmatched flexibility and granularity of data
Continuous improvement of the Singularity model
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Efficient Lifecycle Management

Seamless Integrations

Enhance your CRM capabilities with a wide range of integration options, ensuring smooth and efficient operations across all aspects of your iGaming business.


Keep up to date with the latest insights and developments in CRM strategy and lifecycle automation.


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