Seamlessly integrate with third-party tools
Seamlessly integrate with third-party tools to orchestrate all engagement through one central platform.
Use ML and AI to create hyper-personalised content
Use ML and AI to create hyper-personalised content, delivered to each player at the optimal time and the most cost-efficient channel.
Ready-made content library for superb engagement
Take advantage of the ready-made content library to pick the perfect content for each player
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CRM Campaigns Reimagined

Go beyond basics with Collections

Say goodbye to manual campaign creation. Let the system pick the best content from your collection, according to each player’s preferences. 

Real-time data streams and machine learning for the most optimal results
Dynamic content blocks that change based on player behaviour
Effortless experimentation and analysis fuelling your growth
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The right moment matters

Optimal Time of Day

Our system analyses player behaviour and picks the best time to reach each one individually,  at the time when they’re most likely to engage.

Deliver the content to each player at the optimal time for higher engagement
Communication tailored to each player’s preferences
Let AI and ML give you your time back
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Spend Smart

Optimal Channel

A centralised platform that truly understands your players. Let the system pick between emails, SMS, and on-site notifications without the need for manual intervention.

Free up time and resources for your team
Use budgets on channels that are most likely to convert
Personalisation tailored to each and every player
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Advanced Analytics

The Data Studio

Real-time data mining unlocks your ability to effortlessly measure success through Fast Track Data studio, the most powerful analytics platform in the iGaming industry.

Fast-loading, customisable dashboards
Rapid insight into growth and long-term trends
Unmatched flexibility and granularity of data
Continuous improvement of the Singularity model
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Data-driven insights

The Singularity Project

Access the Singularity Project, our comprehensive intelligence hub focused on data-driven innovation and redefining iGaming CRM.

Forget traditional CRM, prove it with data
Access our shared learning portal
Track the progress of data analysis and experimentation
Leverage AI models with the Singularity model
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Keep up to date with the latest insights and developments in CRM strategy and lifecycle automation.



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