System Messaging

Send transactional messages to end users.

Beyond CRM: system messages as part of your engagement strategy

  • Manage all communications from one place

  • Real-time data supports instant transactional messages

  • Informed players means reduced support contacts

Payment Confirmation

A well-rounded player experience

Player engagement is more than marketing communications and bonuses. For a well-rounded experience, players should also receive timely, relevant information about their account and events that might affect them.

The Fast Track platform is capable of processing huge volumes of data with impressive speed. This means that it is fast and reliable enough to handle your transactional communications in addition to any marketing engagements.

Consolidating your system messages and marketing communication in one platform will save you time and money.

Managing these from Fast Track will ensure you are always on the ball.

System messaging in Fast Track

We believe there is huge value in including your transactional messaging when planning your engagement agenda with our platform.

Here are some of the benefits of managing system messages in Fast Track:

One Central System

Manage all communications from one place

Manage your marketing and transactional communications from the same place using the same workflow.


Respond instantly with real-time data

Bring players back to your site with the right offers, via the right channel, at the right time. Our powerful machine learning models will keep your communication relevant.


Reduce support contacts

Ensure your players stay informed and reduce their reliance on customer support agents for simple queries.

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