Free-up time!

Free-up time!

Fast Track connects to all the platforms you use to engage your players, so you can work from one central platform with real-time data. Boost your team`s productivity with AI-powered tools that allow them to focus on ideation and innovation rather than time-consuming execution tasks. Empower your team to scale efficiently and maximise their potential.
Centralised platform
Manage all your engagement platforms from one place and streamline your workflow.
Real-time data
Access consolidated, actionable data in one central location, enabling faster decision-making.
AI campaign generation
Use AI-powered tools to create engaging and personalised content, saving time and resources while maintaining high-quality messaging to your players.
Efficient processes
Implement the right processes to maximise time savings and drive team productivity.

Escape time-consumers

Discover how our platform eliminates time-consuming tasks and frees up your team to focus on creativity and innovation. Watch the video to see our system in action and learn how Fast Track can revolutionise your CRM strategy.
Scale with Automation!

Scale with Automation!

Invest the time you´ve saved in building a foundation of automated CRM activities that will help you scale efficiently. Our comprehensive automation suite, Fast Track Lifecycles, guides you through planning and implementation to ensure success in automating every aspect of your CRM strategy.
Fast Track Lifecycles
The most comprehensive automation suite on the market, designed to support your CRM strategy.
A hands-on approach
Our team provides guidance and support every step of the way, to ensure successful implementation.
A powerful CRM
Streamline your CRM strategy with powerful automation tools that reduce manual effort.
Seamless integrations
Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of tools and services to enhance your CRM automation capabilities.

Embrace the age of automation

Watch the video to see how Fast Track Lifecycles can transform your CRM strategy with powerful automation termplates and tools to support your growth.
Scale by finding Bright Spots!

Scale by finding Bright Spots!

Fast Track Data Studio, the most powerful analytics and data mining solution on the market, allows you to effortlessly gain real-time insights and extract the maximum value from your data. Accessible, real-time data is key to identifying opportunities and effectively scaling your efforts.
Fast Track Data Studio
Leverage advanced data visualization and analytics with the most flexible solution on the market.
Real-Time insights
Easily access fresh, consolidated data from all systems and make informed decisions to drive your CRM strategy.
Data-Driven improvements
Maximize your efforts with customizable dashboards, covering both big-picture overview and granular campaign performance.
Lightning-Fast reports
Run comprehensive reports quickly and efficiently, even with large volumes of data.

Unlock the power of your data

Experience the game-changing impact of real-time 360° data on every customer. Flexible, lightning-fast reporting transforms your operations, enabling personalized experiences for each player at scale. Watch the video to see how Data Studio measures the true impact of all elements in your CRM strategy.
Scale with 1:1 experiences!

Scale with 1:1 experiences!

Implement the Singularity Model to scale your CRM strategy by leveraging AI and Machine Learning to create truly personalised campaigns for each player. Our platform hand-picks the right offer, time, channel and content for every individual and automates the matching between campaigns and players for a seamless experience.
Singularity model
Rely on our advanced platform to create tailored experiences for each player.
Automated matchmaking
Connect campaigns and players with a single activity, streamlining your CRM process.
Personalised experiences
Replace generic personalisation with truly customised experiences for every player.
Seamless engagement
Ensure consistent messaging and engagement across all channels and touchpoints.

Personalisation at scale

Watch the video to learn how the Singularity Model enables you to deliver personalised experiences for each player, creating a seamless and engaging CRM strategy that maximizes player engagement.
Scale with self-learning!

Scale with self-learning!

Enter the future of CRM with self-learning capabilities that use machine learning models to make data-driven decisions and automate player engagement. Experience continuous improvement with minimal human intervention, while freeing your team to focus on strategic tasks and creative campaign ideas.
Singularity model
Use our advanced self-learning model to make data-driven decisions and improve player engagement.
Machine Learning
Rely on machine learning to automate and optimise your CRM strategy with minimal human intervention.
Data-Driven decisions
Harness the power of data to make informed decisions that drive growth and improve the player experience.
Creative freedom
Empower your team to focus on innovative campaign ideas, while automation takes care of the rest.

Experience the future of CRM

Watch the video to discover how the Singularity Model and machine learning can revolutionise your CRM strategy, automating player engagement and learning from data to continuously improve your operations.

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