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Welcome to the future of iGaming CRM.

Combine real-time data, one central system and the right process

  • Multi-channel and automation capabilities beyond any other engagement platform

  • Accuracy with real-time data can reduce your bonus cost by 5-10%

  • Increasing productivity of operational teams by 60%

  • Scale fast and without fear of regulatory penalties

  • Banish tech backlog, outsource new service integrations

With one integration you tip the scale, and become truly scalable.

Achieve up to

60% Increase in productivity
10% Cost-savings in Bonuses
20% Cost-savings with Email/SMS

Solutions built specifically for iGaming

Real-time data platform. Consolidate data between all business systems and providers in real time.

The most efficient, capable and accurate engagement platform. One central system to orchestrate external as well as internal systems.

Advanced machine learning available for everyone. Design and build your own prediction models.

Empowering entire organisations

CRM Teams

Free up 60% of your time with a better process

CRM teams across the iGaming industry are spending the majority of their time on execution. We want to change that.

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Management Teams

Productivity, cost-savings, capabilities all in one

We are determined to ensure that you have access to a platform that shifts your organisation into the digital age and relieves the strain on your internal resources.

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Tech Teams

Banish the backlog, one integration to rule them all

Invest in a real-time data platform that you can grow with. It’s not just an engagement platform, it’s an iGaming tech stack.

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Product Teams

Realise your vision with on-site engagement

Invest in a platform that shares your vision and explore new opportunities for player engagement.

Customer Support Teams

Improve service and first contact resolution

Fast Track gives customer support teams direct access to accurate information so that they can resolve campaign queries with ease.

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Compliance Teams

Avoid penalties with robust processes

Advanced capabilities with full visibility. Stay in control of your data and processes.

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BI / Data Teams

Complete access and make your data actionable

Unlock the full potential of your data with full access, in-depth reporting and actionable insights.

Responsible Gaming Teams

Build a risk profile with RG health

Every operator has a responsibility towards ensuring their players gameplay activity remains healthy and compliant. We put this at the very core of our platform through the use of real-time data.

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With all the capabilities you will ever need

1:1 Experiences

Scale your player engagement

Match right piece of content to the right player at the right time via the best channel, with advanced machine learning and computations.

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Lifecycle Automation

Onboarding, Retention/Upsell, Churn Prevention, Reactivation

Target the player at the right moment, with a relevant offer, via the most receptive channel. Fast Track is built with efficient lifecycle management at the centre.

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On-site engagement

Capture and engage at key moments on site

Use on-site engagement to take player experience to the next level. Whether you respond with notifications and rewards, or trigger internal messages to start a proactive contact, being responsive to your players will increase retention and life-time value.

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Management Alerts

Raise internal alerts at important moments

It can be difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening with your players. Stay informed with real-time alerts.

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System Messaging

Send transactional messages to end users

Manage all messaging from one place with true real-time data.

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Real-time data

Data consolidated and actionable in one place

Working in real time unlocks exciting opportunities for engaging your players.


Orchestrate all channels, including bonus platform

Manage all your engagement channels from one place for a more streamlined workflow.

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Open Platform

Access a wide range of services with one integration

Connect your internal systems and work with the providers of your choice. Fast Track takes an open, flexible approach to integrations.

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