Here is a small checklist of steps to take before you can start working on the Front End implementation on your site:
  1. Build the authenticate endpoint in your Operator API
  2. Create your Pusher account with Channels
  3. Talk with your Integration Manager
    1. Let him/her know that you have intentions to start implementing the On-Site Notifications and Rich Inbox solution.
    2. Get hold of your "Fast Track Brand Name"
    3. Give your Pusher credentials to the Integration Manager
Please read the details around each step below.

First step: Build an Authenticate Endpoint in your Operator API

The Front End Javascript library needs to authenticate the front-end user's client/browser, so that it can authenticate against Fast Tracks API. Therefore you must have the authenticate endpoint in place in order to have this working.

Second step: Create Pusher Account

Fast Tracks Front End Javascript library is using Pusher as a third-party solution to provide real-time updates to the end users' browser.
When you have created your Pusher Account, you need to give your Pusher credentials to your Integration Manager. Below is an example of the Pusher Credentials:

Third step: Talk with your Integration Manager

Let your Integration Manager know that you want to start using the Fast Track CRM actions for On-Site Notifications and/or the Rich Inbox. The Integration Manager will give you your "Fast Track Brand Name", he/she will also do needed configurations on Fast Tracks side.

Next steps

Once you have ticked off all points in the above checklist it is time to start implementing the Front End Javascript Library.