Creating an incentive with campaigns is a key part of running a successful CRM. Equally important is the ability to analyse your campaigns to be able to determine what is working and what can be improved.
Distributing bonuses to players via Fast Track can be done in a very simple way if you have a bonus integration supported. However, getting the data from claimed and used bonuses into your reporting dashboards has been a bit more complicated.
We are now working on supporting specific data to be included in the Bonus Events that will make this possible. This will make sure you can track data related to your bonus distribution and cost for each Activity or Lifecycle.
Below is a list of some of the aggregations that will be supported for each campaign:
  1. Bonus Amount Turned Real
  2. Bonus Amount Granted
  3. Count of Bonuses Granted
  4. Count of Completed
  5. Count of Forfeited
  6. Count of Bonuses Lost
  7. Count of Bonuses Expired
With this information easily at hand, you will be able to dig into each campaign and see how effective the specific bonus was to reach your objective.


In all outgoing requests that Fast Track sends to you as a Partner, we include something called "headers". Basically, it's data that can track back to the exact Activity that the bonus was triggered by. This is an example of how the headers are being sent for a request:
Description of each header: X-Fasttrack-Actioncommunicationprofileid = Communication Profile (translation) used X-Fasttrack-Actiongroupid = The action group containing the actions X-Fasttrack-Actionid = Id of the action (e.g. Send SMS or Credit Bonus) X-Fasttrack-Activityid = Id of the activity itself X-Fasttrack-Id = Unique Id per trigger, per user X-Fasttrack-Triggerhash = The Triggerhash is used to identify a unique send from the same event. i.e you should only have one action received with the same: activity_id, action_id, user_id, and Triggerhash. If you use a time-based activity to target say 100 players, all those 100 players will have the same activity_id, action_id, and Triggerhash.
If the above was a request from Fast Track to the Partner to credit a bonus to a specific player, we would expect a Bonus Event back for each player in the integration layer.
The first event in case a player successfully claimed the bonus would be an event with status "Created"
An example of how we should receive an event is when a player has spun their Freespin bonus and the bonus funds have been Created and the player now has a wagering requirement on the bonus funds, this would result in Bonus Amount Granted.
The requirement here is that the headers being sent in the request outwards from Fast Track is being returned in the specific bonus event when the state of the bonus changes. This makes sure we can connect the dots and eventually display the real cost of the bonus in the reporting dashboards.
You will need to capture the headers and return the keys inside fasttrack_references for us to get the data back to the system.
Please get in touch with your Partner/Integration Manager for further questions or guidelines.