We recommend Operators to use shortlinks in SMS for two main reasons:

  1. Reducing characters in SMS (cost savings) Having longer SMS can potentially lead to having to pay for multiple SMS from the same send-out. The link converter will help you to reduce the length of long URLs which will lead to cost savings as the usual characters allowed per SMS are around 160. Imagine that you have this long link that you need to include inside an SMS: - https://www.casinofasttrack.com/en/promotions/welcome-offer/ By using our link converter and your domain/subdomain, the link can end up to be: - l.casinoft.com/aBcDF
  2. Tracking clicks in SMS As the link will get generated individually per player, this opens up the possibility to track each user clicks from the SMS. This will be available in the campaign reporting tools inside Fast Track.

How do I set it up?

To set up the link shortening there are a few steps that you need to follow: 1. Decide on domain First, you will need to decide on what domain to use. You can either purchase a domain that's separated from your normal site or you can set up a subdomain on your site similar to l.casinoft.com
2. Enable SSL Full (Not Strict) If you are not able to do this step, Fast Track will provide a solution. Speak with your Integration Manager about this step.
3. The Domain would need a CDN in front, we recommend Cloudflare (Orange Cloud On)
4. Point to our load balancer When your production environment is up, we will provide a load balancer where you will need to point the domain as a CNAME record.