An Operator that wishes to use front-end integration such as Rich Inbox, On-Site Messaging, Pending Bonuses or Pending Deposit Bonuses must provide an authentication endpoint that FT CRM can use to validate that the fetched user data from this service is real.
  1. FT CRM will determine that the user as 'logged in' when the session id (sid) is defined.
  2. FT CRM will attempt to validate this sid by contacting the Fast Track API.
  3. Fast Track API will forward this request to the provided operator authentication endpoint.
  4. If the sid validates, the operator endpoint will return HTTP response code 200 and a user_id
  5. Fast Track API will return a successful or failed response to FT CRM.
Please ensure that you provide the Fast Track Integration team with endpoint URL for both staging and production environment.

🔚 Endpoint Needed From Operator

⬆️ POST /authenticate

The authentication endpoint (here referred to as auth endpoint) should accept JSON, return JSON, have the method POST and take a post request body.
The sid will be sent as post body in the following format:


The auth endpoint will verify that it is a valid sid. If the sid is valid, the auth endpoint should return HTTP 200 response together with JSON data looking like this: