An Operator that wishes to use front-end integration such as Rich Inbox, On-Site Messaging, Pending Bonuses or Pending Deposit Bonuses must provide an authentication endpoint that FT CRM can use to validate that the fetched user data from this service is real.
  • FT CRM will determine that the user as 'logged in' when the sid is defined.
  • FT CRM will attempt to validate this sid by contacting the Fast Track API.
  • Fast Track API will forward this request to the provided operator authentication endpoint.
  • If the sid validates, the operator endpoint will return HTTP response code 200 and a user_id
  • Fast Track API will return a successful or failed response to FT CRM.
Staging and Production
Please ensure that you provide the Fast Track Integration team with endpoint URL for both staging and production environment.

🔚 Endpoints Needed From Operator

⬆️ POST /authenticate

The authentication endpoint (here referred to as auth endpoint) should accept JSON, return JSON, have the method POST and take a post request body.
The sid will be sent as post body in the following format:
Initiate FT CRM JavaScript Lib using sid
This sid is the same as you set as var sid = 'xx-xx-xx-xx'; when setting up the integration script.
The auth endpoint will verify that it is a valid sid. If the sid is valid, the auth endpoint should return HTTP 200 response together with JSON data looking like this:
If the authentication token is unavailable FT CRM will not be able to establish a connection.

📝 Setup script

Insert the following code snippet before the end of </body> replace {brand} with supplied brand name from your Fasttrack Account Manager.
The sid variable should contain an AuthToken or similar. Most likely you already have that variable.

👋 Logging out

If you want to log the user out from the integration script. You can call this function: