If you want to integrate Fast Track notifications to your site without using Fast Tracks Javascript library you can do that with a custom Front End integration. That requires more development from your side, but it also gives you more flexibility.


This integration method has the same prerequisites as the regular Fast Track Front End Javascript library integration.
If you have read the other parts in the Fast Track integration documentation you might be familiar with the sid variable. It is basically an authentication token / session id that can be exchanged in your operator API for a user id. You can read more about it here: Authentication.
This guide is written in javascript with jQuery but you could use any language/framework you want. The On Site Notifications and Inbox Solution is based on API endpoints returning JSON data and a web socket connection provided by Pusher. When you have followed all steps and completed this guide, you should be able to have a fully working implementation of on-site notifications and rich inbox.
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