⬆️ POST /bonus/credit

The Operator needs to provide Fast Track with the Credit Bonus endpoint to ensure FT CRM can automate the bonus crediting.

This should immediately activate or make the player eligible for the bonus. This depends on how the Operator is handling bonus interactions with their players.


  • e.g. If the player needs to opt-in on the site for the bonus, this endpoint should make the player eligible to opt-in. The rest of the logic should be handled by the Operator

  • New fields can be added to be passed to the Operator (e.g. validity_amount) from the FT CRM.



⬇️ GET /bonus/list

This endpoint can help to improve the flow of setting up bonus campaigns by loading a list of the available bonuses from the operator. This dropdown can be manually added in the back-office at any point by selecting Dynamic Dropdown in the field configurations.

⬆️ POST /bonus/credit/funds

This endpoint can be used to credit funds immediately to the player wallets. An example of use is to be able to automate the crediting of cashback.