✍️ Using Google Tag Manager for inserting Fast Track CRM Scripts

If you want to use your Google Tag Manager for injecting the Site Integration Script / Inbox Script on your site you can do that.

1. Create a new user-defined variable in GTM

2. Create a new trigger

Create a "Page View - DOM Ready" trigger. Add additional filters such as URL if you want. But it is important that the trigger is based on page vid AND DOM Ready.

3. Create a new tag with following code inside

Don't forget to replace your own values.
Make the tag fire on your "Page View - DOM Ready" trigger.

3. Insert the script in your HTML / DOM

You might already be adding dataLayer variables. If you do so, please append the dataLayer with your sid variable (the custom variable you created in step 1) and add the corresponding value.
If you are not already adding dataLayer variables to GTM you need to include the following before initiating the Google Tag Manager on your page:
And you're done! 👌