⬇️ GET /userdetails/:userid

The Operator is required to provide a UserDetails endpoint, where Fast Track can fetch essential user data. Fast Track CRM will do lookups against this endpoint when certain events are received, for example Registration, User Update or when migrating user data through the Fast Track migration portal.
The method must not be cached.
The "segmentation" object can be used for custom data, please notify your integration manager if you plan on using it
Fast Track have hard validation on the format in the response, please make sure to read through the outlined Data Types and table below with required properties
Example Response
Data Types
Required properties are marked with *
Example Value
address *
“Tower Road, 120A”
birth_date *
The player's birth date, in
city *
country *
Country of Registration, in ISO alpha-2 format
currency *
Currency code
email *
Email Address
first_name *
First Name
is_blocked *
If the player is
is_excluded *
If the player is
language *
Language Code
last_name *
Last Name,
mobile *
Mobile Number
mobile_prefix *
Mobile Prefix
origin *
of the user
postal_code *
Postal Code,
roles *
An array containing any
from the platform,
sex *
Player Sex,
title *
Player Title,
user_id *
The unique id of the user
username *
Date of player activating account or when KYC is completed in
registration_code *
Registration Code,
registration_date *
Date of Registration in
affiliate_reference *
Affiliate Reference
market *
"vip_level": 15, "special_segmentation": "3D"