Steps to set up Link Mobility

  1. Set up Account - The Operator set up an account on Link Mobility. To get in touch with Link Mobility, please visit: or contact FT for an introduction.
  2. Credentials The Operator provides Fast Track with the following credentials: - username - password - platformId - platformPartnerId - gateId
  3. Sender Name - The Operator provides Fast Track with a Sender Name (Maximum 11 characters).
  4. Unsubscribe Default Text - The Operator provides Fast Track with default ending text in SMS that they wish to use, "Unsubscribe...". For example: "Unsub? Click 'here' ". - This text will be automatically added to any SMS triggered by FT CRM.
  5. Unsubscribe Solution - The Operator decides on the unsubscribe solution. The current options supported are an Unsubscribe page supported by Fast Track or Text STOP* solution via Link Mobility.
  6. Webhook URL - Fast Track provides Link Mobility with webhook URL once integration environments are live. - *if Text STOP solution, the Operator need to set up codes & numbers with Link Mobility and provide FT with these. Numbers can differ per market and localizations.