Fetching the API credentials
  1. Setup a Sendsay account and get access to your Sendsay console.
  2. Log into the console and access System Settings -> Sublogins
  3. Create a new Sublogin -> through this Sublogin you will be able to fetch the required API credentials
    1. API Key
    2. Account ID (The account_id of your sublogin).
  4. You will most likely be prompted to change your password at this point, if this prompt happens you will be required to do a password change as well.
  5. Send the credentials to your integration manager to enable the integration.
Setup Webhook
  1. Contact Sendsay support to receive the necessary webhook URL, should be in the following format: <API Base URL>/integrations/sendsay/webhooks/<project_token>.
  2. Once support enables the webhook your UI will change and allow you to monitor and access all webhook statistics.
  3. Send the obtained webhook to your integrations manager at Fast Track.