💬‍ What are Communication Profiles?

With the help of Communication Profiles, you have the flexibility to send market-specific content and offers within the same activity. This would also be the way to add translations. That is why, most commonly, a Communication Profile would segment a players' country of registration. β€Œ
To clarify, the segment in your activity is still your target audience but with the help of Communication Profiles, you add a filter on top. This filter makes sure that the correct version of the actions are sent to any players that are targeted through the specified profile. β€Œ
To sum it up, you would use Communication Profiles to make you more efficient and save you time from having to set up multiple activities to achieve the same result.

💡‍ When to use it?

There are many different scenarios where you'd like, or even need, to be market-specific with your content and offers. We have listed a few of these different scenarios:
  • 💬‍ Translations Offer the relevant language for your players
  • 👮‍♀‍ Compliance Honour regulatory compliance requirements for specific markets
  • 🎭‍ Relevance Adjust offers and content for the best possible relevance to the different markets
  • 🤑‍ Cost-saving Adjust offers for high-risk markets instead of excluding them
  • 🚦‍ Availability Give alternative offers for markets with limited availability

🌐‍ Where can it be used?

Communication Profiles can be used with all action types within an activity.

🤷‍♂‍ How is it used?

Making use of Communication Profiles in your activities is straight forward, fast, and easy.
Below we have two visual examples of how smooth and easy it is to implement the Communication Profiles to your actions.


Adding communication profiles to an email action
Adding communication profiles to an email action


Adding communication profiles to an SMS action
Adding communication profiles to an SMS action
πŸ“† Action Scheduling & Translations
Action Scheduling is set-up and managed in the default action. Any translations that are added to that action are subject to the action scheduling of the default action.

🏴‍☠‍ How to set up Communication Profiles

You only need to set up a Communication Profile once. After it has been set up it can be found and used in any activity going forward.
Below we show and talk you through, step by step, on how to set up a Communication Profile. In this example, we will be setting up a Profile for the UK market.
1. Create a Segment on the segments page.
2. Enter Communication Profiles from the Settings menu.
Navigate to Communication Profiles
Navigate to Communication Profiles
3. Click on Add Communication Profile. 4. Enter Media and upload an image of the UK flag🇬‍🇧‍in a suitable folder. Or if it's already in the Media library you simply select the desired image. 5. In the "SMS Stop Text" field you have the option to enter the stop text that will be added automatically to every SMS being sent for this market. 6. In the "Unsubscribe Base URL" field you have the option to enter a market-specific unsubscribe link for emails.
🧠‍ Note: The "SMS Stop Text" and "Unsubscribe Base URL" fields may be left empty if you want to use the defaulted texts/links.
7. If you wish to enable the Communication Profile straight away you may tick the enabled box. 8. Click save and ta-da🎉‍you've now created your new Communication Profile. If it's enabled, you'll now also have it as an available option when adding translations to your activities.
How to set up a Communication Profile
How to set up a Communication Profile
🧙‍♂‍Tip: It's always advised that someone else checks the set up before enabling and making a new communication profile available for use.