🖥️ Computations

Computations are the name we have given to the way that player movements are calculated.
The way in which the value of a Player Feature is calculated can vary. In fact, all Player Features can have unique ways in which they are calculated.
Some require simple database queries, for example, if you want to know which product a player prefers. These queries can be set to run or update at specific moments, such as daily at 03:00 am.
Other Player Features are based on real-time events. These are not calculated by looking at previous player data or playing patterns that need to be calculated over time. For example, a newly registered player will be classified as 'registered' upon their registration, a real-time event.

🕹️ Manage Movements

The Manage Movements section of the Player Feature is where you set up and control the computations and player movements.
Manage Movements
Manage Movements
As mentioned above and shown in the image, there are two types of Player Feature computations: Real-Time Movement and Time-based Query.

Real-Time Movements

Real-time movements are executed in real-time player events.
Example of a Real-Time Movement:
Upon player registration, a newly registered player will belong to the Registration classification.
Read more about how to create a new Real-Time Movement computation here:

Time-Based Query

Time-based queries run on a regular basis, based on a date and time trigger, to check the data to determine any player movements.
Example of a Time-Based Query:
Every day at 03:00 a query will run to evaluate players first deposit amount. The player will then be moved into the relevant player deposit bracket.
Read more about how to create a new Time-Based Query here: