Inside FT CRM you will find plenty of opportunities to clone as a way to quickly and safely create a copy of something that’s already been set up previously.
A cloned version is always independent of the original but will exist with the exact same settings and properties. Using the clone feature, rather than creating something new, will therefore help you save time and be more efficient as you’ll start off with a foundation instead of beginning from scratch - something that we highly recommend, where applicable of course.
We're big into cloning as a way to save time and to safely re-use things that you already dedicated time to set up.

➿ How to clone

  1. Locate the item you want to clone.
  2. Select the clone icon (usually located on the right-hand side).
The clone icon
The clone icon
3. After selecting the clone button, the cloned item will be opened with the name 'Copy of....'. The clone is now ready for you to edit, make the necessary changes and save.
💡 Tip: As always, it is important to give descriptive and appropriate names to your triggers, segments, etc. Make sure it is clear to you and your team about what can be found inside.
Clone, edit and save a Segment
Clone, edit and save a Segment

👬🏻 What to Clone

Wherever you see the clone icon 👆, it means that you are able to make a copy of that item. Here is a list of the most time-effective items inside FT CRM that you should clone when needed: