What is the Content Library?

The Content Library is where you will create and classify all the content that you want to use for your 1:1 Experiences. There are two key areas that make up the Content Library; Action Groups and Collections:

Action Groups

Set up Action Groups containing the Actions and content you want to send with your 1:1 Experiences. These Action Groups will be assigned to Collections that will be used in your Activities.
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Collections is an entity that consists of your created Action Groups (from the Content Library), Models (Eligibility & Scoring Model), and further settings. These Collections will be used in your Activities/Lifecycles to send the right content to the right players.
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πŸ” Get Access

In order to access the Content Library, you need to have the 'Singularity Admin' role assigned to your user.
If you can't find the Singularity Model icon
in the side menu, you don't have the above-mentioned role. If this is the case, ask the relevant person in your team to give you access; Settings -> Manage Users.