Localisation settings allow you to configure the language and timezone displayed in your FT CRM environment.

🌍‍How to access Localisation settings

Localisation settings can be found under Tools -> Localisation:
How to find Timezone settings
How to find Timezone settings

🗣‍ System Language

You can change the language displayed in the platform by changing this setting, the languages currently supported are:
  1. United Kingdom English (Default)
  2. Spanish - Spain
The translations are auto-generated by AI, potentially causing deviation from the default language. In case of doubt always refer to the default language United Kingdom English (en-GB)

⏳‍Local Time

This setting allows you to change the time displayed throughout the platform.
To choose your preferred timezone, either select it from the dropdown menu or begin typing the name of the desired timezone
From here you can also select the time format, either 24hr or AM/PM.
Activities and Actions using Time Event Triggers & Segmentation Data are still based on System Time (UTC+0).
How to select a Timezone
How to select a Timezone
The selected timezone might not be applied to certain sections of the platform, for example when using the Smart Time of Day feature, in that case an error message will be displayed.
Example error message
Example error message

🕐‍ Clocks & Tooltips

Here you have the option to select an additional timezone to display on the side menu using the dropdown.
If you wish to have both the local and System Time displayed on tooltips you can toggle this option:
You can add up to 5 additional timezones using the last toggle, these will be displayed everywhere in Fast Track where you see the
Adding a timezone
Adding a timezone
You can preview how your tooltips will look like by hovering over the world icon.
When setting up an activity, if one of the timezones you selected is set to trigger on a different day, the timezone will be highlighted in yellow.