🧭 Navigation

Navigate to the Player Features from the Menu --> FT Singularity Model --> Features --> Player Features.
From the Player Feature page, select the New Player Feature CTA from the top-right hand corner to create your own Player Feature.
🧠 Remember that you can use any of the system features that come as part of the Singularity Model, but you cannot edit them.
If you want to make changes to system features, you can set up your own.

πŸ“‡ Feature Settings

Once inside a new or existing Player Feature, you will find the feature name and description and the possible outcome details.

Feature Name and Description

Name - Enter a descriptive name to identify the Player Feature.
Description - Define what the Player Feature refers to in a detailed description. In the example below, the description reads 'The current lifestage of the player, an active player is anyone with a real money transaction in the last 30 days'.
This helps to understand what is being calculated and how it is defined.
Feature Settings: Name and Description
Feature Settings: Name and Description

Possible Outcomes

Feature Type - Every Player Feature must be attached to a Feature Type. Select the associated Feature Type from the drop-down menu and the table below will be populated with the classes that have been set for that Feature Type.
Read more about Feature Types and their Classes here.
Default Value - Set a default value from the drop-down menu if you want your players to be assigned to a specific class by default. This is the value they will be assigned if they have not yet been classified as any other value.
Is Multi-Class? - Select this check-box if you want it to be possible for a player to belong to more than one class at a time. In the example in the image below πŸ‘‡, a player can only belong to one Lifestage at any one time. A player cannot be classified as Active and Inactive at the same time. Therefore the 'Is Multi Class' check box is not selected for this example.
An example of a Player Feature that would be considered as multi-class is Opted-in Channels. This is multi-class because a player can be opted-in to more than one channel at the same time.
Feature Settings: Possible Outcomes
Feature Settings: Possible Outcomes

Manage Movements & Dashboards

Continue reading here for a guide to setting up your Player Feature Movements (computations).
Read more about Player Feature Dashboards here;