Mastering the science of player lifecycles, understanding player behaviour, capturing important moments and maintaining engagement is not easy. Automating these lifecycles is a gift from god, but you already know that.
Stay in control of what you are doing and see exactly how each version is performing. Need to make a change to your Lifecycle? No problem with easy to use, pre-defined templates and the possibility to clone or create different versions.

๐ŸŒ‡ Get the Big Picture

With Lifecycle Engagements, you have all your lifecycles in one place, giving you a high-level view of all the components of your automated engagement flows.
One handy place to build, store and edit all your automated Lifecycle Activities.
This allows you to effectively navigate a playerโ€™s lifecycle by responding to their activity in a multi-channel setting and delivering promotions to players whilst they are still engaged.

๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Complete Control with Lifecycles

Stay in control of what you are doing. By seeing the big picture, you have complete control over the trickier aspects of automated workflows.
Activities are created automatically, and unique segments are created for each event ensuring segment hygiene. Not only that, the logic is clear to follow as you build.
With the user-friendly Lifecycle builder, the hard work is done for you as more complicated actions are taken care of. Use the handy templates to quickly and easily build your Lifecycle.

๐Ÿ™ Stay on top of the Numbers

With a player count visible for each Lifecycle version, you can check exactly how each Lifecycle is performing.
See where engagement drops or where improvements can be made. Having different versions of Lifecycles mean that they can easily improve as you do. Try the changes you want to implement to improve player engagement.
With unique Segments looking at only the players you need, performance is enhanced, allowing you to automate even more. And now that setting up automation just got easier, you'll be able to automate more elements of your player communication. Be inspired for new areas to automate with our templates to help get you started. Or custom build your own lifecycle exactly as you want it!