Edit Dashboard Group

The only option you have, when it comes to editing a Dashboard Group, is to change the name or delete it.

Change Name

Click on the name of the Dashboard Group and make any edits to the name, followed by 'Save'.


To delete a Dashboard Group you simply click on the trash can button and confirm the deletion.

Edit Dashboard

Menu Options

In the drop-down menu, to the far right of the Dashboard overview, you'll find multiple options. We'll go through each of them.
Menu options for Dashboards
Menu options for Dashboards
Edit Dashboard
With this option, you can simply edit the Dashboard name.
Move Dashboard to Group
Move a Dashboard to another Dashboard Group that belongs to either 'Private Dashboards' or 'Brand Dashboards'.
🙋‍ Note:
When a Dashboard is moved from 'Private Dashboards' to 'Brand Dashboards' a clone is created and added to the Dashboard Group of choice in the 'Brand Dashboards' section.
When a Dashboard is moved from 'Brand Dashboards' to 'Private Dashboards' the actual Dashboard will be moved (as in removed) from 'Brand Dashboards' and added to the Dashboard Group of choice in the 'Private Dashboards' section.
Clone dashboard
Cloning a Dashboard will simply create a clone of the Dashboard that will be added to the same Dashboard Group.
Delete Dashboard
This is the option to delete a Dashboard. Please note that this is a permanent delete.

Edit Dashboard Layout

To open up the Dashboard you want to edit, you simply click on it. This will open up the Dashboard in the Explore Mode. In this initial mode you can only view the data within the Dashboard. If you wish to edit the Dashboard layout, click on Edit Mode in the upper right corner and the Dashboard will be ready to be edited.

Edit the Layout

You can pull and drag the Widgets into position, as well as re-size them by pulling and dragging them into the desired shape from the bottom-right corner.

Save changes

If you've moved or re-sized a Widget, you'll need to save the changes in the top right corner before leaving the page.

Edit Widgets

Widget options:

Re-run query

Re-run the query to load the latest data. This is in case of the results being cached.

Debug SQL

This option shows you the SQL query used to pull the data in the Widget.

Clone widget

This option simply creates a clone, containing the same Measures and Dimensions, of the selected Widget.

Edit Widget

In editing mode, you can change the Measures, Dimensions, Chart Type, and general settings for the setup of your Widget.


In settings, you can change the title, sub title, and text size of your Widget.

Copy to clipboard

Copies all the data in the Widget into your clipboard.

Export to CSV

Exports all the data in the Widget into a CSV file.


Deletes the selected Widget.
In the bottom right corner of your Widget, you will find an arrow that will allow you to re-size and shape it by clicking, holding down, and dragging the Widget into the desired shape.