At Fast Track, we really care about the process of how we work and operational efficiency is close to our hearts. For that reason, we have plenty of features that will help you and your team work in the most efficient, optimal way.

🏷‍ Tagging Activities

Tagging your activities is one way of easily navigating through the activity list in your back office. Read more:

🖼‍ Media Library

For easy access to any files that you might need within FT CRM, you can simply upload your files into the Media Library. Read more:

📨‍ Email Templates

An email template is a preformatted and/or prewritten email that you can use as a base when creating new emails. Read more:

👥‍ User Management

Make sure that the different teams only have access to the relevant information in FT CRM. Read more:

πŸ“‚ Archive

Learn how to archive Segments, Activities and Lifecycles Projects that are no longer in use in the platform.
Read more: