What are Actions?

Actions are one of the core components of an activity and are basically the player engagement component. An activity can contain one single or multiple actions and there are several different action types available.

Action Types

The different action types could also be described as the different player engagement options that you have available to incorporate in your activities. Below we will give a brief introduction to the different action types available in FT CRM.

Note: Depending on your brand, you might have more Action Types or fewer Action Types available for you than listed below.

Send Email

Communicate with your players through an email. An efficient and cost-effective way to engage your players.

Send SMS

Communicate with your players by sending them an SMS. An engaging and fast way to reach out to your players.

Onsite Notification

Communicate with your players through an Onsite Notification. Grab your player's attention while they're on-site and strike whilst the iron is hot.

Push Notification

Communicate with your players through a Push Notification. Pass on information through players' mobile devices at any time.

Credit Bonus

Give your players a well-deserved bonus. Free spins, reloads, bonus- or wager-free money.