What are Segment Fields?

The Segment Fields (also referred to as segment rules or criterias) are the cornerstones of building a Segment in FT CRM.

By combining different Segment Fields you can create your desired segment to target the right players for your activity.

How does it work?

The segments that you can create in FT CRM are all based on Real-Time Data. The segments, like the triggers, are reliant on the events/messages that are being sent from your system to our APIs. As soon as an event is received any relevant segment will be updated, all in Real-Time.


Deposit Count

  1. A successful deposit is sent on the API for a user.

  2. The user's Deposit Count is updated with +1 immediately

Average Deposit Amount

  1. A successful deposit of €50 is sent on the API for a user.

  2. Segment Fields are updated in Real-Time: a) The user's Deposit Count is updated with +1 immediately. b) The user's Total Deposit Amount is updated with +50 immediately. c) The user's Average Deposit Amount is updated by dividing the new Total Deposit Amount with the new Deposit Count. Voilá!

Note: The Segment Fields mentioned above might not be available for your brand. This depends on the data that we are receiving from you.