What are Segment Fields?

The Segment Fields (also referred to as segment rules or criterias) are the cornerstones of building a Segment in FT CRM.
By combining different Segment Fields you can create your desired segment to target the right players for your activity.

⚙‍ How does it work?

The segments that you can create in FT CRM are all based on Real-Time Data. The segments, like the triggers, are reliant on the events/messages that are being sent from your system to our APIs. As soon as an event is received any relevant segment will be updated, all in Real-Time.


💳‍ Deposit Count

  1. A successful deposit is sent on the API for a user.
  2. The user's Deposit Count is updated with +1 immediately

💵‍ Average Deposit Amount

  1. A successful deposit of €50 is sent on the API for a user.
  2. Segment Fields are updated in Real-Time: a) The user's Deposit Count is updated with +1 immediately. b) The user's Total Deposit Amount is updated with +50 immediately. c) The user's Average Deposit Amount is updated by dividing the new Total Deposit Amount with the new Deposit Count. Voilá!
🧠‍ Note: The Segment Fields mentioned above might not be available for your brand. This depends on the data that we are receiving from you.