Smart Channel is the name of the 1:1 Experience feature found inside Activities and Lifecycles that allow us to make use of the Most Cost-Efficient Outbound Channel Player Feature. By switching this on we can make our player engagement smarter. The Singularity Model will decide which outbound channel (Email or SMS) is the most cost-effective option for each individual player in the segment.
πŸ’‘ Example
Rather than sending both an Email and SMS to your entire segment, let Smart Channel decide which channel to prioritise for each player in the segment - and save valuable money.
The Singularity Model will determine which channel will be sent depending on their opt-in status and each channel's deliverability rates. This determines which class a player belongs to from the Most Cost-Efficient Outbound Channel Player Feature.

πŸ’° Most Cost-Efficient Outbound Channel

The Most Cost-Efficient Outbound Channel is the Player Feature that comes as part of the Singularity Model and that uses the Outbound Channel Feature Type.
Therefore, unless you create your own Player Features, this will be the only option to select when Smart Channel is switched on inside an Activity.
The outbound channels, Email and SMS, have their own classes inside the Most Cost-Efficient Outbound Channel Player Feature. These classes are linked to the Email and SMS action used when setting up an activity.
In turn, this is linked to the Smart Channel feature, that when switched on, determines which outbound channel is selected.
🧠 Create your own Player Features
As long as the connected feature type is Outbound Channel, you are free to create your own Player Features to define which outbound channel should be prioritised.
Any Player Features that are connected to Outbound Channel will also be found to use inside your player engagement when 1:1 Experiences has been switched on.
An alternative option for prioritising the outbound channel:
  1. Prioritise the channel that produced the most interactions (example: open rate for emails and clicked links).
πŸ“š To understand how the Most Cost-Efficient Outbound Channel Player Feature works, take a look at our in-depth guide.

πŸš€ How to Use Smart Channel

It is possible to apply the Smart Channel feature in any Activity you create in FT CRM; Specific Date and Time Activities, Recurring/Automated Activities and Activities inside a Lifecycle.
From inside an Activity, switch on the Smart Channel feature, as in the image belowπŸ‘‡
Smart Channel
Smart Channel
In order to see the Smart Channel toggle, you must first create both an Email and SMS inside the Activity.
Once Smart Channel has been switched on, you will see the Email and SMS action connected by a green dotted line to indicate that the actions are linked through the Most Cost-Effective Outbound Channel Player Feature.
If you have multiple Player Features using the Outbound Channel Feature Type, you will be able to select which Player Feature to use from the dropdown menu.
All players that make up the segment at the time the activity fires will receive Email if they are classified as Email, or SMS if they are classified as SMS. With Smart Channel switched on, players will only receive the prioritised channel: Email or SMS.
🧠 Smart Channel can be used in multiple action groups in the same activity & in the activities inside a Lifecycle in the exact same way.