What is a Player Timeline?

With this great feature, your support no longer needs to waste time on asking players to send unnecessary screenshots and forward emails of missing offers. In the Player Timeline, you can see a full list of all the actions/activities that have been triggered for a player. This means that you will be able to see exactly what SMS's, emails, notifications, bonuses etc. that a player has received from your brand.

How to Navigate

To find the Player Timeline, simply search for the user ID, external user ID, or email address (full email) in the navigation bar to the left. For easy navigation, there is a Timeline Filter available where you can filter on action type and pick the relevant dates for your search. From the Player Timeline, you can open up the relevant activity, for any action in the list, and get the exact visual of, for example, an email that the player has received.

Player Timeline navigation
Player Timeline navigation

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