What is a Segment?

A segment is one of the core components of an activity.

A segment is a defined set of rules that separate a player or a group of players from the rest. A player/players that you wish to target with your actions set within the activity.

You can create an endless variety of segments for your activities by defining specific rules when creating your segment.

Tip: FT CRM offers you a multitude of segmentation fields out of the box, to define your segments.

However, should you wish to pre-define commonly used rules and setups, the tool allows you to do just that with the help of .

In FT CRM the Segments are based on Real-Time Events.

This allows you to step away from the old school way of working with having to manually update or upload lists & continuously working against the clock with static lists. We give you the option to work ahead of schedule and just let your activities run their course with the real-time segments always being up to date when the campaign is set to go out. Click to get a deeper understanding of how segments work.