✅‍ Quality Assurance a.k.a. QA

All Activities can and are strongly advised to be sent for Quality Assurance in order to be approved before being enabled. Quality Assuring your activities and Lifecycles, before putting them live, gives you and your team the chance to spot and prevent any errors in your campaigns and send-outs. This is a crucial step to avoid bad player experiences and costly mistakes for your business.
Below we will run through how to use the QA Portal, and in the following pages, learn more about QA for Activities and Lifecycles.

πŸš€ How to QA an Activity

πŸ’œ QA for Lifecycles

📄‍ QA Portal

Enter the QA portal to get an overview of all the Activities and Lifecycles sent for quality assurance. Here you will also find any Activities that don't belong to a Project.
The QA Portal
The QA Portal
You can differentiate any Lifecycles and Activities apart by looking at the symbol to the left-hand side. Lifecycles have a circular movement symbol:
and Activities have a rocket symbol:
When you click on a Lifecycle or Activity that belongs to a Project, you automatically get redirected to the Project that they belong to.

👎‍ Invalidate QA

Please note, that this section only applies to Activities in the QA portal. Should an already Quality Assured Activity need to be QA'd again, or for any other reason be invalidated, you can easily push the Activity back into the QA portal. Scroll down to the section Activities that have been Quality Assured, click on the Activity that you'd like to invalidate followed by clicking on the thumbs down in the top right corner.
Doing this the Activity will go straight back into the Activities to be Quality Assured section again.
Invalidating a QA'd activity in the QA Portal
Invalidating a QA'd activity in the QA Portal
🧠 Note: An activity won't be disabled by invalidating it, this has to be done manually.