What is an Action Group?

An Action Group is the activity component that contains your .

Every activity must contain at least one action group, but you have the option to add multiple. The main functionality of having multiple action groups is to perform A/B Testing.

A/B Testing

By using A/B testing in your activities you can easily test and compare the effectiveness of everything from different email subjects to different bonus types or communication channels. Read more about A/B testing .

Adding Action Groups

As mentioned, your activity needs at least one action group. When adding your first action group you have the option to either build it from scratch or import an already existing action group from another activity.

Add New Action Group

Add new action group
Add new action group

Import Action Groups

Import action group(s) from an existing activity
Import action group(s) from an existing activity

When you want to import action group(s) from an existing activity you simply click on the symbol (as shown above) and select the activity that contains the action group(s) that you'd like to add to your current activity. All action groups, being one or multiple, will be added.


If you have one or more action groups in your activity already, importing action group(s) from another activity will replace your current action group(s). Therefore, if you'd like to combine imported action group(s) and create additional ones - you should first import and then create the new action group(s). You may only import action group(s) from one other activity. Importing again would only overwrite/replace your current action group(s).

As a safety precaution, when you're importing action group(s) from another activity which will overwrite any current action group(s), you will be prompted with a message to confirm this action:

Overwriting action group(s)
Overwriting action group(s)

Edit & Delete

You can always edit and delete any unwanted actions within your action group. You can also, at any point, delete a whole action group. This applies to both action group(s) created from scratch and imported ones.