🧱 Email Builder-Content Blocks

We have added a new way of creating emails by allowing you to construct them using Content Blocks.
A content block is nothing more than a block of HTML and that corresponds to a section of an email, for example, logo, header, banner, footer etc. We can build up an email quickly and easily using several reusable content blocks.
Content blocks act as a single source of truth and using them to build your email templates allows you to safely share HTML code across different templates. Minimising the time required to create and test a single template, since you can reuse blocks that have already been created and tested.

How to set up a Content Block

📎‍ Add Content Block

In the menu, navigate to CRM, and under Resources you can find Email Templates. Select Content Blocks from the top-left of the page. Add a new content block with a single click and give it a name before hitting Save.
Add Content Block
Add Content Block

➕‍ Add Version

The next step is to add a version to your new block. We do this in the same way as we would add new versions of email templates. Content Blocks are based on HTML. If you already have the HTML content (from another location or file), you can drag and drop or copy and paste directly into the code editor of the new version.
New Version
New Version
You can add multiple versions of your content block, however, only one version can be active at a time. Select the Make Active icon to activate an inactive version.
The versions are there so you easily can update your content block with any alterations, style changes etc. and then make a smooth switch from the old version to the new one. Note that only the active version will be available for use.
Activate version
Activate version
Hint: Each content block has a unique ID and Slug visible from the overview.
You can search using the slug to cross-check or identify a specific content block within large templates.

Adding Content Blocks to an Email Template

Once you have created the content blocks that you need, next you need to know how to put them into your email template.
Start by selecting your email template from the Email Templates page and click to open the correct version.
Scroll to the section of the code editor that you would like to insert your content block and click to reveal a three-dot menu to the left-hand side. Select an empty line in the code editor in order to see the menu.
Select the menu and Insert Content Block. All available content blocks will be displayed in a drop-down menu. Simply select the block you wish to insert.
Insert content block in the email template
Insert content block in the email template
You will notice that the content block is added along with the HTML tags to open and close the command:
Check out FT Conditions to learn how to incorporate conditional tags into your email templates and content blocks.