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What is a Personalisation?

It's the Personalisation, of a Collection, that picks the most relevant Action Group for each individual player that is being targeted.
For an Action Group to be considered in the Personalisation stage for a player, they must have first passed through the Restrictions stage.
The Personalisation, for a Collection, may contain the criteria "Offer Type matches Player Preferred Offer Type".
If an Action Group has been classified with the Offer Type "Free Spins" and a player has "Free Spins" as their Player Preferred Offer Type, this contributes to the score (e.g. +1) of that Action Group for that player. Ultimately, the Action Group with the highest score will be sent to the player. The more criteria used for the Personalisation, the more variables are to be considered when looking for the best match. This means that the Personalisation will be more refined and therefore players will more likely get what's relevant to them.