Why tag your activities?

Tagging your activities is one way of easily navigating through the activity list in your back office. With a simple common tag, you group your activities together. You can filter by tag, group activities by tag, and get a timing view of activities with the same tag. You can also look at the overall conversion analytics of all activities together, grouped by a tag.

How to make use of tags
How to make use of tags

How to tag your activity

You will find the option to tag your activity underneath the firing conditions. An activity can have none, one, or multiple tags according to your needs. You can choose a tag that already has been used in previous activities (they show up in a drop-down list) or you can create completely new tags. When adding multiple tags, you separate them with the help of the comma, space, or return key. At any point, you can add or remove tags from your activity.

How to add tags to an activity
How to add tags to an activity

Note: The tags are not case-sensitive.


In all of your activities, you have the option to leave a note. This is for any internal communication/information that you might want to store in the activity. It's a simple text field that can be edited at any time:

Examples of use: Leave a more detailed description of what the activity contains. e.g. summary of the offer and bonus terms.

The status of setting up the activity. e.g. waiting for translations or compliance review.