What is an Activity?

An activity can be set up to be anything from a simple email send-out to a more advanced campaign with multiple communication channels and following actions. Simply define what your activity should do with the help of four main components.

The Components of an Activity:

There are usually four main components to an activity; firing conditions, trigger, segment and action(s).

However, if you are sending an activity on a specific date and time, you simply need to select the date and time without the need for firing conditions or a trigger.

Below you have a short summary of these main components and links where to get more information about each one.

Firing Conditions

The Firing Conditions allow you to set up general conditions for your campaigns. These include how many times an activity will fire per user, scheduling, and conversion tracking.



A trigger is a defining moment when you wish your activity to fire and put your actions into movement.



A segment is a defined set of rules that separate a player or a group of players from the rest.



Actions define what type(s) of player engagement(s) will happen when an activity is triggered.


Ready to get started? 🏁

Why not have a quick look at our step-by-step tutorial on how to set up an activity:

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