What are Scheduled Actions?

With the help of the action scheduling feature, you don't need to trigger your actions straight away when the main trigger of the activity fires. Instead, you can schedule an activity and await a specific player engagement to occur before they are triggered.

Scheduled Actions are of great use when setting up a player campaign with multiple and consecutive player engagements. With the help of this specific feature, you can manage the whole campaign, step by step, in one single activity.

User Example:

24 hour Campaign: 10 free spins on login and 50 free spins on deposit Communication channels: SMS and email When: Today at 12:00 UTC Segment: X

Your activity would be set up with the trigger "Send @ 12:00 UTC" to Segment X and include the following four actions: Send Email Send SMS Credit Bonus (10 free spins) Credit Bonus (50 free spins)

Should we not make use of the action scheduling feature and run the activity, all these 4 actions would trigger at 12:00 UTC. Meaning, all the players in Segment X would receive an Email, SMS and the 10+50 free spins - without the requested player engagements on the credit bonus actions. In order to avoid the free spins to credit, without the intended player engagements, we simply schedule the two Credit Bonus actions within the activity. Learn how to just this below.

How to Schedule an Activity

With every action type, you have the option to set an action schedule. These are the simple steps to scheduling an action:

  • Enter the action that you wish to schedule and scroll down to the bottom

  • Tick the box "Should the action be scheduled?" in order for the action schedule options to appear

  • Select an already existing trigger, according to your needs, or create a new one

  • Enter the validity amount followed by the validity period

How to schedule an action
How to schedule an action

Note: The validity period of a scheduled activity starts when the main trigger of an activity fires.

Example: Activity triggers at 12:00 UTC and an activity is scheduled for 24 hours = the validity of the scheduled action will be up until the following day at 12:00 UTC. After this, the action will expire and no longer trigger even if the correct criteria are met in terms of player engagement.

πŸ“† Action Scheduling & Translations

Action Scheduling is set-up and managed in the default action. Any translations that are added to that action are subject to the action scheduling of the default action.