👁‍ Email Preview

When you preview an email in FT CRM it gives you a visual of how the email would look when sent to a player. There might however be small visual differences with different email clients and therefore it's always best to send a test email prior to going live with any activity including an email action. This way you can also preview how the email would look on both desktop and mobile.
Preview an email
Preview an email
Email preview
Email preview

📨‍ How to Send a Test Email

You can send a test email at the QA stage or inside of the activity while you're setting it up.
The process is easy:
  1. Click on the preview button within the email action.
  2. Click on the paper plane icon in the upper right corner of the newly expanded window.
  3. Fill in the email address that you'd like to send the test to and click 'OK'. Moments after, you should receive the test email to the desired inbox from: FT Demo Casino, noreply@testing.ft-crm.com
Should the test email not be received, check the spam inbox of the email and/or try sending the email again - making sure that the email has been entered correctly.
🧠 Note: There is a more comprehensive testing feature available where you can test emails along with other actions. Read more about it here.