With the help of User Management, you can create and manage roles and users within FT CRM. This gives you the possibility to structure and organise the different access requirements needed for the different teams/team members within your organisation.
User Management
User Management

🦸‍♀‍ Roles

Anyone with the role Manage Roles & Manage Users can set up and manage permissions on roles. Create roles, with the right access and limitations, that suit the different teams in your organisation. It's important that the teams have the right access for their daily tasks but it's also equally important to limit access as some areas in FT CRM are sensitive and should only be accessible for specific roles.
Below is a list of the roles available in Fast Track and their meaning:
Select all roles
Selects all roles for the user
Activity Manager - Override opt-out
Required to override the communication channel consents from the action
Activity Manager - Trigger Admin
Required for creating triggers in the system
Activity Manager Admin
Required for creating campaigns in the system
Activity Tester
Required for creating test users that can trigger actions for internal testing
Analytics Management Admin
Required for accessing the reporting & analytical dashboards
Backoffice Management Admin
Required for managing/creating/updating trigger types/segment types/action types (technical settings)
Data Studio Admin
Required for accessing the Data Studio reporting & analytical dashboards
FT User
Role for Fast Track users (limited access)
Integration Management Admin
Required for access to integration debug console, data migration portal and integration documentation
Lifecycles Admin
Required for accessing/creating Lifecycles
Media Management
Required for accessing/managing the media library (e.g. uploading files)
Player Origins Admin
Required for managing player origins (*if you have a player origins integration)
Player Profile Admin
Required to access the Player Profile (e.g. search for a player)
Projects Manager Admin
Required to access & manage Projects
Read Only
Role to give very limited access - "Read Only"
Service Portal Manager
Required for accessing the Service Portal
Singularity Admin
Required to be able to access the Singularity Model
User Data Management
Required to be able to view sensitive user data
Users & Roles Admin
Required to create, manage and edit internal system users

👥‍ Users

Anyone with the role Manage Roles & Manage Users can set up and manage permissions for users. Create users and give them the relevant role(s) to give them the right access inside FT CRM. You can always change the roles of a user, at any time, should it be required.