The birthday template is an automated retention lifecycle that allows you to celebrate with players on their birthday.
In order to take advantage of this template, you'll need to integrate the following;
  1. Birth Date with Date Functions enabled
Read here for more information about integrations;

How to Use This Template

Use this template to let players know you are thinking of them by sending communications in the run-up to their special day and crediting a mystery reward to celebrate.
We've compiled a selection of successful retention strategies for you to incorporate into your Birthday lifecycle.

📅 The Right Moment

Target your players at the right moment.
Take advantage of your customers’ birthdays as an opportunity to remind them who cares and give them a special incentive. By automating this retention strategy the lifecycle will do all the work for you in order to communicate at the right moment.
Entry Conditions: Players are entered into the Birthday Lifecycle 7 days before their birthday to allow you to communicate in the lead up to their special day.
Trigger: Every Day at 00:30
Segment: Players with Birthday 1 week away (Birth Date Date Function equals Same Calendar Day -7)
Every day at 00:30, players with a birthday in 7 days will be added into the lifecycle. Once the player is inside the lifecycle you can decide when to communicate with them.
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🥇Real-Time Rewards

Take this opportunity to engage with your players and give something for free using real-time rewards.
Real-Time Rewards:
  1. Bonuses
  2. Gamification Tokens
  3. Loyalty Points
  4. Personal Jackpots

🎯 Targeting

Don't miss out on an opportunity to celebrate a special day with your customers. This is an opportunity to engage with players on one of the few occasions when they’re ready to be rewarded with special offers and gifts.
Here are some considerations with regard to the targeting and segmentation of your rewards.
Offer generosity based on:
  1. Current player value
  2. Current life stage
  3. Life stage based on the Predictive Churn Prevention Data Model
Or offer rewards based on play preferences

🔔 On-Site Notifications

On-site notifications are a powerful marketing tool that enables us to create unique opportunities for building real-time connections with your players. Deliver targeted and personalised messages.
Encourage and accelerate conversion actions such as first time purchases or deposits by speaking to your players at the right time. Use on-site notifications by hand-holding the player to get to know your site.

Next Actions

Take advantage of our predictive churn prevention data model to target players who have had a negative change in their likelihood of returning to your site.
You can create a flow of different engagements that stop only when the player deposits again.