Offer assistance to players who have trouble when making a deposit.

In order to take advantage of this template, you'll need to integrate the following;

  • Login Events

  • Payment Events

Read here for more information about integrations;

Payments in Real-Time Data

Login in Real-time Data

How to Use This Template

Use this template to automate on-site messaging and guide your players to support when their deposit fails, or provide additional information, so they know you are there to help.

Once per session, intervene in the case of a failed deposit and suggest help or pro-active chat to solve the problem.

Follow this guide for info about how to best use this lifecycle template;

🙅‍♂️ Failed Deposits

Trigger specific actions to take place when a failed deposit occurs on site. The action or communication should vary depending on the amount of the failed deposit.

Example 1:

A failed deposit could be a technical issue. In which case you may want to direct your player to customer support to get immediate help and assistance

Example 2:

Large failed deposits without the necessary funds or multiple deposits in quick succession may be a cause for concern. You might want to alert internal teams to this kind of behaviour.

Failed Deposits

Failed Deposits

Learn how to build lifecycles;


🔔 On-Site Notifications

On-site notifications are a powerful marketing tool that enables us to create unique opportunities for building real-time connections with your players. Deliver targeted and personalised messages.

Encourage and accelerate conversion actions such as first time purchases or deposits by speaking to your players at the right time. Use on-site notifications by hand-holding the player to get to know your site.

Next Actions

Set up a Provider Boost lifecycle to direct players to play to a particular provider for a selected time period.

Keep pre-defined provider boost lifecycles set up for the moments when you are net negative with a provider. Push players to their games to shift the balance.