Give a selected provider a boost by pushing players to a specific provider for a selected time period.

In order to take advantage of this template, you'll need to integrate the following;

  • Payment Events

  • Login Events

  • Game Round Events

Read here for more information about integrations;

Payments in Real-Time Data

Login in Real-time Data

Casino Game Rounds in Real-Time Data

How to Use This Template

Use this lifecycle to allow you to keep pre-defined providers boost lifecycles set up for times when you are net negative with a provider.

Push players to their games for a selected time period to shift the balance. Here's some more information to get you started;

🎲 Provider Boost

There are times when you want to give a selected provider a boost. One of these times is when you as an operator are net-negative with a particular provider.

Being net-negative means that you want to encourage players to play on that provider's games. Promote a provider with a Provider Boost lifecycle for a select period of time to gain revenue free from provider fees.

Choose from the following entry conditions for the lifecycle;

1st Successful Deposit or Log in

Check out how to create a new lifecycle here;


🎉 Celebrate Wins

Immediately on lifecycle entry inform your players about a provider promotion.

Then trigger actions to fire automatically when players do any of the following on a particular provider;

  • Place a bet

  • A single win between X - Y

  • A win multiplier between X - Y

  • A Big/Mega/Epic win

Celebrate Wins

Celebrate Wins


🔔 On-Site Notifications

On-site notifications are a powerful marketing tool that enables us to create unique opportunities for building real-time connections with your players. Deliver targeted and personalised messages.

Encourage and accelerate conversion actions such as first time purchases or deposits by speaking to your players at the right time. Use on-site notifications by hand-holding the player to get to know your site.

Next Actions

Create an automated Multi-Channel Retargeting lifecycle to retarget players who do not take action on a specific offer. Don't let them get away that easily.